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Packaging Design
Brand Messaging

Creative Direction

Tope Adebayo

Brand Messaging

Tope Adebayo

copy: “Comfort is our Style”



Tope Adebayo

Youtee Shoes

youtee shoes is a unisex bespoke shoe making brand in Nigeria, abuja. the make and provide affordable shoe wears for all adult ages. Tope Adebayo was commissioned to do the brand and identity design for the brand. Shoe wear branding or logo design is very technical and there needed and expert in the person of Tope Adebayo. Graphics designer and content creator based in abuja


List of deliverables for the project 

  • Logo design
  • brand Color selection
  • Packaging design
  • Digital Promotions
  • Brand collaterals (Shoe Tags, Complimentary card, social media graphics )

The Logo Design Rationale

The Youtee Brand Mark (logo) stands to portray the following which are Friendly, Stylish, Reliable, Modern, Fresh and most importantly affordable. With this in mind I created a mark that is Strong, Easy to remember, Fun and finally Elegant in nature. The logo is neither male nor female but can be both, in the sense that it transcends sex and gender. 

The mark comprise of 3 arrow heads coming together to form a “Y” for the Youtee initial. The Logo mark represents the Brand Name and most importantly from our brief can go on any material and not lose it form, whether it be Printing, Embroidery or Impressed on a surface (leather or Wood). It orientation allows it to be turned at any angle and still be understood The color gold associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, style and elegance.

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