Brand and Identity,
Brand Collaterals

Creative Direction

Tope Adebayo

Brand Naming

Dele Martins (CEO IFace Global)


Tope Adebayo

IFace Global

The Iface logo Is an amazing one, the “Iface” brand is a positive and forward thinking company that stands to show case fashion, beauty and luxury therefore needs a logo that says just that.


List of deliverables for the project 

  • Logo design
  • brand Color selection
  • Brand collaterals (roll up banners, Complimentary card, social media graphics )
  • social media collaterals 

The Logo Design Rationale

The logo is made up of 3 main elements

The human figure: with the brand focusing on a wide range of client men, women and children this figure was chosen to help depict this without actually being restricted to any of them and works for all.

The triangle: the triangle is for balance and also depict “a Cup” and “Award/trophy” to signify winning victory and prizes.

The crown: the crown is used to signify pageantry king and queen.

Most important In the future the logo can be used to create an award or trophy for their event and competitions.

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