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Creative Direction

Tope Adebayo


ICRPC Content Team


Tope Adebayo

Institute for Crisis Resolution, Peacebuilding and Conciliation-ICRPC

With the organization becoming bigger and also venturing into new and bigger market, they needed the brand to be well represented and most importantly communicate “Who they are” and “Why they are”.

The Press document already had existed before but now needed to morph and improve just as the brand had. The project was to create new visual direction and element for future design and media communication. 

Focused also on properly delivering the vital information to the intended target audience, showcase the previous achievement of the brand and the authenticity of their Mission, Vision and Purpose 


List of deliverables for the project 

  • Art Direction
  • Visuals and Photography
  • 2 Fold Leaflet design 

Visual Art Direction

the Art direction process started from discussing with the Director of the program of who 

  • the target audience are
  • What is the brand main objective moving forward
  • What we be the goal of the project 
  • A visual desired future state 

At the end of the strategy and discovery we where to land at, New stock images to carry forward the new dream, showcase previous programs and curate a new set of design elements to be added to future designs 


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