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Tope Adebayo

Brand Naming

Tope Adebayo

copy: “Extend Agro Business Solution (Extend ABS) “


Tope Adebayo

Extend ABS

An Agro innovation brand, powering agriculture through the power the power of technovation and IT. Providing cutting edge Agro business solution.


List of deliverables for the project 

  • Logo design
  • brand Color selection
  • Brand collaterals (roll up banners, Complimentary card, social media graphics )
  • Brand Naming 

The Logo Design Rationale

The thought behind the symbol is to depict 2 major concepts which are “Agriculture” and “innovation”(outside the norm thinking ) it shows 4 leaves meeting at a common center placed in square container.

The leaves extends outside the square which mean to “think outside the box”, “do more than what is normal expected” in other words to Extend. The symbol finally has a play full yet memorable nature to its composition as well as being strong, modern, appropriate to its field and elegant also works very well with media or as a media  

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