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Tope Adebayo


Tope Adebayo

Live With Lynda

This is an uncommissioned done as a spec piece. Although is not commissioned I did enjoy working on this project.


List of deliverables for the project 

  • Logo design
  • brand Color selection
  • Brand collaterals (social media graphics )
Proposed logo design for Live with Lynda

The Logo Design Rationale


This mark is the acronym for the brand name “Live With Lynda” and an industry research revealed most media brands retain their names in their logos for publicity sake. E.g.: CNN, BBC, NTA, AIT, lindaikeji TV and lots more.

The Play Button:

With the brand focused on communication, media, and messaging, it’s a good fit to have the play button signifying video and visual content which are the focus of the brand.


The chat Icon:

The brand’s main focus is to drive conversations on matters that concern communication, media and messaging the icon depicts this properly. 


The color red was chosen because it is the Universal sign of excitement, passion, anger loud, playful, youthful, modern and speed. Love, aggression or danger (politics, love Marketing).

It instigates and creates a feeling of prompt in the viewer or a sense of getting attention.

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